The 9 Year Old Girl Boss

As children we can all remember our parents telling us “you can be ANYTHING that you want to be” ,but were they speaking in terms of us being adults? Meet MOMager, LaToya Latham and Daughter Christen Devani, the faces behind “Polished Puckers by Devani”. After taking the beginning of the year to plan and announce their new business venture to the world Polished Puckers made its debut onto the market in October of 2016. Latham shares Devani’s story recalling how harsh winters would leave her daughter with severely dry lips. Only after wasting time and money on over the counter products that didn’t seem to help with moisture retention,Latham took matters into her own hands. LaToya began to cre

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Black Panther Soundtrack REACTION

I was as hype about the Black Panther soundtrack as the movie. Black Panther was the most anticipated Blockbuster film of 2018 so far and the soundtrack produced by Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg of TDE was icing on the cake. The lead single, "All The Stars" featuring Kendrick and SZA, enthralls listeners with amazing composition and visuals that embody the theme of the film perfectly. The video is directed by Dave Free the Lil Homies. The african themed video caught a lawsuit from artist Lina Viktor who accused the creators of using the themes of her artwork at the 2:29 mark of the video. She’s confident its her work because she was approached to work with the film creators but declined. She

Jay Electronica Detroit

Picture your cool ass big cousin being a rapper. Well, not just a rapper, probably one of the most respected and anticipated rappers ever! Thats the energy and vibe Jay Electronica presented last night at his Detroit concert. It was super 90's vibe but all so familiar. The audiences energy was so indulged in his the vibe was crazy dope. You know the Detroit market can be slower on entertainment so to catch a show with such a family feel was refreshing. During the show Jay talked about how his time here in Detroit has helped to shape him as an artist. He paid homage to our OG's Proof and Blade but also shined a light on the underground scene. It seems Jay has spent a lot of time getting

#FBF Hitman Sammy Sam Step Daddy

Remember Hitman Sammy Sam? Well, he had one funny hit in the 2000's and recently I had the urge to listen to it. The video featured all of our favorite "Pops" John Witherspoon, the Detroiter most famously known to Millennials as the father from "Friday". Checkout this flashback and enjoy a good laugh. Do the step daddy! Do the step daddy

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