Did You Know You Are Not Alone? (What is bankruptcy)

Growing up black you are told so many interesting things, that will stick with you for the rest of your life. I know for a fact one of the things you were told was that “nothing is better than having your own.” At some point an adult expressed this to you, and I am for certain you heard it over and over again. As a young child you are taught that if you heard something from more than one person it is most likely correct. Because you are told this at an early age you are anxious and can not wait until the day you can have your “own”. A few days after you turned 18 you applied for a Sprint account and got your phone in your name right? I am sure you did because Brittany has her phone in her na

Tigers Opening Day 2018

Don’t know when Tigers Opening Day is? Strike 1! Don’t know where to eat around opening day? Strike 2! Don’t know what to wear on opening day? Strike 3! Don’t worry you’re not “out” of the game yet. We have you covered on everything you need to know to make sure your day is a homerun. Tigers Opening Day is known for racking in thousands of attendees from all over Michigan to enjoy the beginning of their season. This year, Opening Days is on March 29 and the Tigers will play against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Not a baseball fan? There’s still plenty to do in Downtown Detroit including eating, drinking, shopping, and socializing. What to eat? Between midtown and downtown there are plenty of popul

Mixtape Monday Review: DDG "Take Me Serious"

Darryl Granberry, stage name PontiacMadeDDG or DDG for short, is a Michigan native YouTuber turned rapper. DDG blew up rapping a short 5 months ago after his Lil Yatchy diss track “Big Boat” went viral. DDG strategically rode his own wave and dropped his singles “Lettuce” and eventually “Givenchy” in an effort to establish his credibility in the industry. He dropped song after song until he collected enough to be put into a body of work he released March 17th called “Take Me Serious” where he showcases his skills and prompted his fans and haters take his rapping career seriously. The first track “New Money” is a popular track and one that was not previously heard before the project dropped.

Watch: Sam Austins' "Fenty" Music Video

We’re here for Sam Austin’s visuals for his song “Fenty”. What do you think? The video is inspired by the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection and embodies those psychedelic vibes perfectly. Watch it here:

#HustleAnthem-Blue Faces by Shelly Latrice Official Video

That winter time grind brings out the summer time shine! On this first day of spring be sure to stay in your bag! Shelly Latrice releases a visual for her hustle anthem "Blue Faces". Detroit's own has been putting in work this year and last in the music realm. She brings a different vibe to the music lane with her fun personality and silly vibe. Checkout the full video below

Freaky Friday- Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown

Have you checked out this super creative visual from Chris Brown and Lil Dicky? Remember the movie "Freaky Friday" with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lyndsey Lohan? Well, their visual is a play on that. We loved it!

Vegetarian EggRolls

The dopest thing about making egg rolls is that you can literally stuff them with almost anything that you want. To keep up with this recipe, you’ll need a few items PREP 1 pack of all natural NaSoya egg roll wraps 1-12 ounce bottle of peanut oil, unless you have a nut allergy 2 handfuls of spinach 1 bell pepper chopped up 4 mushroom slices chopped up 4 tablespoons of cooked rice 1 cup of shredded cheese PROCESS First things first, the wrap needs to be moistened slightly to keep the egg roll from unwrapping. Follow these steps to perfect the roll😜 After wrapping your egg rolls, prep oil. I cook mine on medium high to create more of a crunch on the crust. After cooking, allow to cool off and

Actin Funny-LaBritney ft KashDoll

Detroit’s Boss B!+<hes LaBritney and Kashdoll have linked up to create some bossy magic.”Actin Funny” brings you boss 90s vibes, it even opens on a bossy energy. KD starts with her introduction but out the gate you feel that “Yeah Wha Up” boss vibe she has mastered! LaBritney brings the hook in giving us 90s vibes with her delivery and vocals. The single cover art depicts LB X KD as Bratz Dolls.  It’s refreshing, dope and inspiring to see our Detroit Queens linking up to make noise in the music realm. This song has charted #51 on iTunes Actin Funny Download

V313 Festival Detroit MI

Join the Celebration! V313 is Detroit’s premier celebration of vegan food and fun, where those interested in compassionate and healthy plant-based lifestyles can: Shop for great products and services that are good for animals, people and planet. Learn at an interesting and informative educational program, headlined by Milton Mills, MD of PCRM and including expert panels on "Plant-Powered Women", "Vegans of Color" and "Local Vegan Resources". Enjoy live entertainment by Detroit’s hottest vegan musical talent including Rosie and the Fellas and Once United, plus comedy and inspiration from emcee Cam F Awesome, national champion heavyweight boxer Relish delicious plant-based food and libati

New Def Jam artist Dani Leigh performs at DIME

Last night, new Def Jam artist Dani Leigh managed to captivate an intimate crowd that braved inclimate weather to see her perform her new album “Summer with Friends”. The Florida born artist got her first real taste of snow during her first visit to Detroit at the D.I.M.E Underground. Dani Leigh is a former backup dancer for artists like Pharrell and Prince and is ready to step out of their shadows into the spotlight. And she did not disappoint. Dani mastered the task of singing and dancing, and hardly broke a sweat as she performed back to back songs ending with her single “All I Know”. See the highlights below.

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