KANYE EXCLUSIVE: Ye vs. The People ft T.I

Well, we all expected to hear some new music from Kanye after his recent rants and loss of followers on social media. Kanye dropped a couple of new tracks one of which features T.I and he explains his stance on "Make America Great Again", running for president in 2020 and introducing people to new ideas. T.I did not let up on his point of view at all! He expressed his dissatisfaction for Ye aligning himself with 45, who he's letting down and how Ye is hurting the people. Even goes as far as saying Ye sounds like Donnie is cutting a check. THIS SONG IS LIFE!! For everybody! We should be able to have these conversations about our differences. Two times to Kanye and TIP for the point of view

Russ Casey, Texas Judge Rigged Election& Gets 5 Years Probation

Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Russ Casey recently resigned after played guilty to voter fraud. Casey pleaded guilty to submitting fake signatures to secure his spot on the primary ballot. Initially, Casey was sentenced to 2 years in prison however, it was probated out to 5 years on probation. Casey issued a statement, "I apologize to the citizens of Tarrant County, the Tarrant County Republican Party, my family and friends for the way I've ended my judicial career. Today's proceedings have begun my transition from public to private life." If you recall last month things turned out quite differently for Crystal Mason. A black woman that voted in the 2016 election while on supervised

Kevin Hart stars in new J. Cole video

One of the most popular songs from J. Coles new album "KOD" is "Kevin's Hart". The song references the comedians infidelity scandal from last year. Many have wondered how Hart felt about having an entire song call out his actions and the difficulty many men face in trying to rectify their broken relationships. Well now we know. Hart stars in the 5 minute video with a cameo from J. Cole, who also directed the video along with Scott Lazer. Watch in the video an artistic impression of how Hart tries to deal with his mistakes.

Does Beyonce Deserve A Holiday In April?

It is no secret that Beyonce Knowles is who women aspire to be worldwide. From her physical appearance, to her flawless skin, to all of her countless accomplishments she is a true idol. I would not be surprised if aliens in outer space knew who she was. The queen B has not slowed down since she was acquainted with the universe. Beyonce is timeless and we never know her next move. All we know is that she moves the world. Some of Beyonce's most memorable and greatest accomplishments happened in the month April. April 4, 2008 she married the love of her life. The world was in shock when Jay Z and B announced they were officially bonded for life. April 23rd of 2016 she shook the world up a littl

Waffle House Hero Raises Over $80,000 For Victims

James Shaw Jr has made national headlines for being the hero during the most recent domestic terror attack at Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee. Shaw tackled the terrorist to the ground and took his assault rifle. Well, James is a hero in more than one way, not only did he save the day but he also has raised over 80k in online fundraising for the victims of the shooting. The 29 year old hero was grazed by a bullet and suffered from burns to his hands because he grabbed the barrel of the rifle while detaining the terrorist. Donate Below: https://www.gofundme.com/5g07bvs

R.Kelly dropped by Publicists and Lawyers

After years of being a rumored sexual predator it seems that Kelly's team has had enough! In the wake of new accusers coming forward, and allegations of a cult of sex slaves, three members of the R.Kelly's camp decided to resign. Executive Assistant Diane Copeland, Publicist Trevian Kutti, and lawyer Linda Mensch. Most of which have been with him for over a decade. Publicist Trevian Kutti who most recently jumped ship after an unidentified 19 year old female accused Kelly of transmitting her the Herpes virus made his announcement to Rolling Stone earlier this week. After so many years of allegations is it safe to say that the Pied Piper's unorthodox ways are finally catching up to him?

Gun Shots Fired Between Casanova2x & Tekashi69

Looks like New York rappers Tekashi69 and Casanova 2x allowed their beef to boil over once again last night after the Adrien Broner vs Jessie Vargas fight. Last week, Casanova spoke publicly during Joe Budden's podcast about 69. Casa put a lot of emphasis on how 69 doesn't know street life and he may want to steer clear. Well, last night an incident occurred and shots were fired. Casanova took to Instagram to call a truce. After spending 10 years in jail, it appears that was enough.

Tennessee Waffle House Shooting

On Sunday morning, James Shaw Jr. saved himself and several others at a Waffle House in Tennessee. A shooter, 29 year old Travis Reinking, entered the restaurant at 3:25 a.m with an AR-15 rifle and opened fire killing 4 people. That's when Shaw jumped into action and wrestled the gun from Reinking. Shaw Jr. rushed the gunman, grabbed the gun’s barrel, pulled it away and threw it over the Waffle House counter. He suffered a gunshot wound and burns from grabbing the gun’s barrel. He pushed the gunman out the door after a brief tussle. The man, naked from the waist down, walked away, Shaw Jr. said. He didn’t follow the shooter, fearing he had another gun. Police continued to search for Reinking

'Dear White People' Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for the eagerly anticipated 'Dear White People' season 2 reveals that the show will return on May 4. Fans will see how students at Winchester University cope with racial tension and love triangles. You can expects that there will be special guest appearances and plenty of conscience commentary about race, religion, sexuality, and more. Watch the trailer below.

"Scandal" leaves ABC after 7 seasons

**NO SPOILERS** The television drama "Scandal" created by Shonda Rhimes leaves the #TGIT line up after 7 seasons. It was reported in May of 2017 that season 7 would wrap up the show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rhimes said this was the best time. "I really feel like season 7 is where I want to wrap up this story because I always prefer to end a show where you’re feeling on top as opposed to letting things fizzle out," said Rhimes. The anticipation within the show has left 'Gladiators' on edge about how the series would end. A word of advice for those who catch the show on a streaming service the next day - avoid Twitter. Fans often live tweet the show, including the cast, who

Tremors from Canada earthquake felt in Detroit

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck Amherstburg, Canada at 8:01pm last night according to USGS. WXYZ reports that tremors from the earthquake could be felt from Downriver to St. Clair Shores. There have been no reports of damage or injuries so far.

Kanye West announces 2 new projects

Kanye West, the usually MIA rapper, had become quite the social butterfly on social media. West had developed a set of twitter fingers and has announced 2 new projects that are coming... soon. He announced a 7 track album coming June 1st, followed by a project with Kid Cudi on June 8 titled "Kids See Ghost". Many are excited that the 'old Kanye" is returning due to recent activity seen on and offline. First, it's a given that anytime you see Kanye traveling with a laptop we know someone good is brewing. He was spotted leaving the studio with Charlemagne the God - laptop in tow. Also, his tweets have become more supportive of the arts and restoring your creativity by any means necessary. We'r

Listen to J. Cole's new album "KOD"

The surprise album J. Cole announced via Twitter earlier this week is now available. Listen to the jazzy ensemble below. "KOD" stays true to Cole's 'conscience rap' style with stimulating bars and interludes that "[take] the rapper from celebrated hit maker to full-on activist". It's the first fans have heard from Cole musically since 2016's "4 Your Eyez Only" aside from the odd feature hear and there. It strategic decision to drop the album on "4/20' seeing at "KOD" is translated as "Kids on Drugs" and he addresses issues with societies reliance on medication to heal. Leave your thoughts below.

Tinashe album "Joyride" predicted to have disappointing record sales

I've always wondered why everyone hates on Tinashe. She's given us bops like "2 On", "All Hands on Deck" and "Faded Love" but still racks in disappointing record sales. Tinashe's third studio album "Joyride" dropped this week and has had sub par reviews. The 25 year old singer is expected to sell 5k-7k pure sales and 15k-20k debut unit sales. Tinashe has been known to have troubles with her label RCA Records. It was reported in 2017 that she was forced to record songs she wasn't pleased with, and when she was finished with a project she had to beg and even take legal action in order for it to be released. "Joyride" was supposed to come out last year but has finally been released on April 13.


It is no secret that the justice system is not a big fan of rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams. In 2008 at the age of 18 he was caught carrying a gun in a local grocery store. Next in 2012 he was pulled over by the cops and arrested for refusing to let them search his car, which smelled like marijuana. In 2014 he was sentenced to 3-6 months in jail for booking a show outside of Philly without Judge Brinkley’s approval. Later in 2016 he was caught traveling without approval again, and was put on house arrest for 90 days. He was recently sentenced for violating his 10 year old probationary charge again, "MORE THAN ONCE". He got into a fight at the St.Louis airport in March, and was arrested for re

Starbucks to close it's doors for a day of racial-bias education

In the wake of the #StarbucksBoycott all stores in the nation will close its doors on May 29 to inform at least 175,000 employees about "racial bias geared towards preventing discrimination in their stores". The announcement was made in a press release that addressed the arrest of two black men from their Philadelphia store. It's is reported that two men, who remain anonymous, were arrested after an employee called police and said the two men were loitering. Witnesses that captured the incident on video were taken aback. View the MSNBC report below.

What's Going on in Music this Week?

With the announcements of many new music projects and events, we thought that we would highlight and share with you the top 5 announcements

What does J Cole have under his sleeve?

J. Cole is notorious for being MIA from social media for months at a time. He broke his silence last night on Twitter and announced a new album coming this Friday! "KOD", which may be an acronym for something unknown, will be released on April 20th but J Cole has something to hold fans over until the time comes. He's posted flyers for private "first come first serve" shows in New York and London telling them to pull up. Keep an eye on J. Cole's twitter for more updates.

Ravyn Lenae "Crush Tour" Gallery

From intimate shows to sold out arenas, concert season is definitely upon us. Chi-Town bread Ravyn Lenae had electrifying performances during her first headlining tour for her latest album “Crush”. Ravyn is a classically trained artist that partnered with super producer Steve Lacy to create this dynamic body of work. Detroit native Jaye Prime rocked the crowd before Ravyn serenaded us with songs from all of her projects and shared stories of what it’s like to have a “Crush”. Enjoy. (Photos by Dennis London/ @dennislondon.jpg)


It's Friday the 13th but we're still going to turn up and sweep away the "bad luck" logic for the day. Did you know this superstition started during the middle ages? It's even said that Jesus was crucified on Friday the 13th. Historically, Friday isn't a lucky day...but I'd have to disagree, we live for Friday's. So it's Friday, that means it's almost the weekend! Let's enjoy some good music!! Lil Kim- Black Friday Nicki Diss Lyric: “It’ll be a murder scene/I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th” Nicki Minaj ft Ludacris- My Chick Bad Lyric: “It’s going down, basement/ Friday the 13th guess who’s playing Jason/tuck yourself in you better hold your teddy/It’s nightmare on Elm street and

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