Tekashi69 Escorted Out of AOD Last Night in Revealing Video

Tekashi 69 is quickly escorted out of Ace of Diamonds in WeHo after an incident that was close to turning into a brawl. The video footage from TMZ that we have clearly shows 69 aggressively throwing cash over in the strip club only to have a shot glass chucked at his crew. The glass hit the girl standing next to him in her boobs and she fired back by chucking her glass back in the crowd. Yes, one person was injured. A clubgoer revealed that her eye was cut in a recently released picture. Towards the end of the video we see 69 is immediately escorted out of the club. As for the end results to this incident, we shall see. As for 69, we’re pretty sure the drama doesn’t end here.

Pusha T Exposes Drake's Alleged Baby, Baby's Mother, Race Issues, and More!

Pusha T has made it clear that he is here to end Hip-Hop superstar Drake. T’s recent diss track towards Drake, titled The Story of Adidon, goes onto attack Drake in many forms. T targets Drake over the epic instrumental to The Story of O.J. by Jay-Z, which comes as a very interesting move on behalf of Pusha T as The Story of O.J. was not only a controversial record, but it also found Hip-Hop legend Jay-Z targeting Kanye West. Makes you think whether or not Pusha T is attempting to make a connection between his beef with Drake and Jay-Z’s beef with Kanye West? Starting with the cover art alone, showcasing a young Drake in a ridiculous coating of black face, T begins to make allegations that m

Kwame Kilpatrick's Son Releases Song/Video Calling For Fathers Release

Young Jonas Kilpatrick is calling for his fathers freedom in his new music and video. The former mayor of Detroit is serving 28 years in federal prison for racketeering, wire fraud and mail fraud. Doughboi JoJo speaks on the lack of black fathers in households and is seen standing in front of the Supreme Court with "Free Kwame" shirts on. "Too Much Time" drops just days after the "Free Kwame" campaign. Check out the website here FREE KWAME CAMPAIGN LISTEN HERE

Gabrielle Union & Jada Pinkett Smith's 17 year Silent Fued

If you're active on social media you can probably recall a few short clips over the years of Jada sitting down at a red table and discussing certain issues or life lessons with her daughter, Willow and Mother Adrienne Norris. Which she entitled "Red Table Talk" for obvious reasons. Recently Smith has turned the show into a full on vlog! In her most recent episode release Smith sits down with fellow actress Gabrielle Union to discuss how she became the best version of herself with the help of actress and fitness trainer AJ Johnson. The two also revealed that they had been at odds for so long that they forgot what they were even feuding about. Click the link below to watch the full episode.

Joique Bell Football Camp

Former Lion's star Joique Bell will be hosting a free football camp Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 10AM until 1PM. Joique Bell Charity has hosted this camp for 8 years in a row now. He goes back to his hometown and gives back with this free event-training, engaging and teaching the youth. If your child is 8-18 years old and interested, click below to register. REGISTER HERE

TOP 5 Afro Beats Songs of the Week

Afro Beats have become very popular in todays music scene. Many people have taken a huge interest in music of the African diaspora. In the spirit of that here are my top 5 Afro beat songs for the week. 1. Soco - Starboy (feat. Wizkid, Ceeza Milli, Spotless & Terri): Released in 2018 after his sold out shows in Lagos. Starboy A.K.A. Wizkid dropped this banger and it has continued to trend and is currently number 4 in the country. Wizkid has been known amongst fans as a hit maker since his last album. 2. Ada - Dj E Cool (feat. Davido): Ada” Which means “The first Daughter of an Igbo Family” is the First Single of Dj E Cool's project ,the Official Dj of Davido and he features Davido, The song

WATCH: NFL player Jourdan Lewis hosts a football skills camp at the new Detroit Pal Headquarters

Football players that make it into the NFL defeat every odd that stands in their way. The statistic of making it into the league gets smaller with every child that makes it their dream. That’s why NFL cornerback Jourdan Lewis made it his prerogative to encourage the over 200 young football players that attended the Wide Receiver vs Defensive Back Skills camp at Detroit Pal Headquarters. “I’m trying to give as much as possible”, said Lewis. “ If they take one thing aways from this camp I’ll be happy and [it'd be] a success.” Lewis says it was a team effort that made the event take place smoothly so they were able to provide attendees with the best experience possible. From the knowledge of co

The Older The Better?

It’s no secret that woman seem to be attracted to older men and men seem to be attracted to younger women. The streets are talking. Not about this topic in general but about a couple for certain. Lil Wayne’s precious and prized, only baby girl has grew up. Reginae Carter a.k.a NaeNae is currently dating rapper YNF Lucci. She’s dating a rapper. Ofcourse we all seen it coming because women are usually attracted to what their father is. No big deal right? Media, spectators and fans are having mixed feelings about this situation. Some are all for it and others are all against it. The problem that has so many optioned is the age difference. Mrs.Carter is a 19 year old college student at Clark Atl

See who Cass Tech english teacher inducts into the Booty Hall of Fame on Family Feud

Cass Tech Number 1 Second to None! It's a proud time for all Cass Tech students and alumni as beloved English teacher Vicki Green and her family represent for what seems like all of us on Family Feud. Some may remember when Green announced that she auditioned for the hit game show when they held auditions in the city and the excitement they felt when she shared to her many Facebook friends of students new and old that she was headed to California for round 2. Or when she shared that she made it on the show and went back to California to film. Well, the long awaited episode has finally aired. Watch this clip of Green being the sharp witted teacher we all know and love going toe to toe and com

2018 Billboard Awards Results

Those who still watch award shows were reminded last night that Hip Hop and R&B aren't dominant genres in the music industry. While popular artists like Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar dominate Rap and R&B categories, but when they're thrown into a game of numbers with Pop and Alternative the strength of their fan base is really put into perspective. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift won for Top Male and Female artists, Drake received top Billboard 200 artists and Kendrick Lamar cleaned up in the rap categories. See the rest of the winners here.

ATL cosmetic surgeon faces 7 malpractice suits for making music videos in during surgery

Apparently there's only room for one social media surgeon and it's not Dr. Windell Boutte. Dr. Boutte (yup, pronounced like boo-tay) is Atlanta's self proclaimed "most experienced plastic surgeon" and is facing malpractice suits for operations done while she was dancing and singing with patients under the knife. According to reports by Atlanta's WSB-TV, one patient who went to Dr. Boutte for liposuction and a tummy tuck in 2016 was left brain dead following a grueling 8 hour procedure where her heart stopped. Other patients were also left dissatisfied with the results of their surgery performed by Dr. Boutte. See their results in the clip below.

Party on Memorial Weekend at Detroit Movement Music Festival

Detroit's musical footprint is bigger than just Motown. Detroit birthed techno music in the 1980's and today we're keeping the love of electronic music alive by hosting the annual Movement Music Festival. The Movement Music Festival is Detroit's biggest dance party of the year that takes place during Memorial Weekend. This year the festival consists of over 85 artists and 5 stages in the heart of the city- Hart Plaza. This years headliners include Wu Tang Clan for their 25th anniversary, Diplo, Too $hort, and a host of local artists like Bevlove. Tickets can be purchased at movement.us.

Happy Mother’s Day-An Open Letter To My Mom by Randi Rossario

Mother’s Day is usually a good time to reflect and appreciate you mom. The older I get, it’s like the more I understood you on a woman level. As I sit here almost 29 years old, I have never felt like I understood you more than I do right now. From focusing on your peace to building your household. You are the epitome of a woman. I remember being younger and going to events or games thinking “man she be wildin sometimes” when in reality you just have a strong passion for your children and family. That’s something I couldn’t get until I was older. Like the time in Target the man tried to get smart with me. You weren’t having it. They thought you were going to tear that store up. I can only ima

Andre 3000 Look Ma No Hands

Uncle Andre Benjamin has stepped out his world back into ours. He released two singles for Mother’s Day. I love when we are able to get some energy from him. It’s always full of lessons and blessings of many sorts. His track “Look Ma No Hands” is 17 minutes of instruments and child like energy. The other track that was released “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)” there he can be heard singing about old childhood memories. Listen Here Andre 3000 New Music

Tee Grizzley premiers "Activated" at silent listening party in Detroit

Take a peek in to the private listening party Grizzly held to celebrate the release of this project. It's been a year since he announced the name of this album on Twitter, the anticipation is finally over. "Activated" is available on all streaming platforms. Listen to Tee Grizzley's debut studio album "Activated" below. Photos by Dennis London

Details Revealed Behind Rihanna Home Invasion

Details following Rihanna’s LA Home Invasion Wednesday have been released. After being found in the LA residence by Rihanna’s assistant, Eduardo Leon told cops that he was there to have sex with Rihanna, but not by force. Leon was reported to have stayed in the home for at least one entire day as he even brought his phone charger and bag. Leon was able to break into the home by disabling the alarm system. Rihanna wasn’t in LA at the time. Leon was also reported to have been tased by law enforcement. Rihanna's home was not the first home Leon burglarized in the neighborhood. TMZ reports that Leon broke into another home that he believed was Rihanna's. Fortunately, it appears that law enforcem

Artist Approved - Silence is the Noise

Soulful and powerful are just a couple of the terms that describe the music and message behind Neo-Soul/R&B artist Silence is the Noise. Her record “Nappy” demands your attention as Silence is the Noise, whose from Detroit, combines the power of her lyrics and music along with the instruments to create a smooth record that people will fall in love with. The love song finds the artist shining a light on black women as the history behind black women in general has proven to have derided the beauty and physical features of the black woman due to white supremacy. It is unique to have music that speaks upon this conversation, which is not present in music even today. Today, Silence is the Noise i

Let It Rip Weekend W/ Randi Rossario

Sunday, I had the opportunity to be a guest on “Let It Rip” on Fox 2 Detroit. It was my first experience on a debate panel that’s been televised but I had a good time going back and forth with some fellow Detroit’s. Dr.Carol was awesome and gave great insight on mental health and her career. Eric always has witty things to say that inspire you to think. Last. It not least, fellow radio host Kerr was pretty cool too even though he threw shade at the end knowing I couldn’t respond. But thankfully I have my own platform. Checkout the full segment below. Let It Rip

This Is America Official Video

Donald Glover has this twin brother that comes to the surface and takes over, Child Gambino. Equally as talented only his focus is music, not acting or script writing. The artistry presented in this video is next level. So many social subjects are touched on from gun violence to the lack of respect for those of color. Trayvon Martin's father is playing the guitar in the video. You see him interacting children of color and doing the "gwara wara" dance that started in South Africa. Checkout the video below and listen to Good Day with Oh So Radio as we discuss the social subjects displayed tomorrow morning at 8am!!

#OhSoUniversity | Summer Reading List

Schools out, now we can get back to reading for fun. Reading is much more enjoyable when you do it on your own will, with no deadline or uninteresting topics. Maybe pick up that book you've been meaning to read since January, or listen to an audio book narrated by your favorite author. If you don't have a book in mind that you want to read, you could join an in person or online book club like @blackgirlbookclub. Whatever the case, it's important to read books that suit your interests, whether that be self help, activism, history, or in my case music. Also join the Oh So University Book Club! Start with whatever book you want, you can even leave some suggestions in the comments. This is a spa

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