Rocky Badd's New Project is Here!

Rocky Badd dropped her latest project, Less Talk, More Work, last Wednesday and our review is in! Including her lead singles Talking Crazy,

Mortgage Co. JP Morgan Chase to invest 150 Million to grow business in Detroit

During Detroit startup week JP Morgan Chase announced its plans to invest 150 million dollars into Detroit's economy by 2019. During the major event for entrepreneurs the major banking company is encouraging helping women, minorities, and veterans. The banking giant stated "We have been doing business in Detroit f or more than 80 years and believe in its future." . . . . "The collaboration and the pace of progress throughout the city have allowed us to accelerate our initial investment and deploy resources more quickly than expected." They also went on to say that there is still a lot of work to be done in the beautiful and historic city of Detroit , but they're very committed to assisting i

Joe Jackson of Jackson 5 Dynasty Dies at 89 (Bio)

Joe Jackson got his reputation for being a stern manager and patriarch to the legendary Motown Group "The Jackson Five" as well as the solo career of Pop King Michael Jackson and Rhythm Nation star Janet Jackson, loses his battle to cancer today at the age of 89. Joseph Walter Jackson was born July 26, 1928 in Fountain Hill, AR. After a short first marriage, he married current wife Katherine Scruse (at the time) and later moved to Gary, IN. Between the 50's and late 60's Katherine and Joe Jackson gave birth to 10 children. While supporting his family with his factory job, Joe began working on his kids musical careers early on in their lives. The first "Jackson" group only consisted of Jacki

An Open Letter To My Father

Recently, I've learned to accept and understand that most of my life was spent inside a bubble. A nice little middle class, Catholic, sheltered, private school...bubble. Even when I exited that bubble, it was another one protecting me thanks to my affiliations in the entertainment world. It wasn't until recently that I realized not all children are raised similar to, dad, brother, dog, working, private school....blessed. Growing up, I knew that I was blessed because I felt it. While, I didn't understand to what I extent, I got it so I thought. The typical day for me as a child included going to school, playing with my friends and constantly witnessing love between you and mom.


Some of my favorite shows growing up were family based. Growing up in a two parent household, in my mind the tv shows were how EVERYBODY was in real life. Happy, in love and growing. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized some peoples experience with a father figure was only found on television. Shout out to all of the dad's thats constantly loving on their children. Check out some of my favorite tv fathers Carl Winslow Remember Family Matters? Mr. Winslow was a great father, husband and even when Steve annoyed him, mentor. Danny Tanner Full House was a modern day upper middle class family story. They high key had life figured out all living together as a family. Danny played

NEW VIDEO ALERT! Rosie and The Fellas: "Options"

Rosie and the Fellas are a Detroit based Techno/Pop group with a bit of a Rock n' Roll flair. This dynamic and entertaining band debuted on the scene in mid 2017 with their single "Caught in the Trap" ,just in time for you as fans to make it your favorite Summer jam! Rosie and the Fellas was formed by lead singer Randi Rossario and consists of four other members, True Animal (writer), Corey Dun (bass), DJ NEMO Beats (Drummer) and The Mich Kidd (guitar). Each of which has their own unique style. Since hitting the scene Rosie and The Fellas have been taking the music world by storm! They've premiered on Viceland's Season 2 "Beerland" , opened at many festivals around Detroit for major artist

Black Tie and Heels 2018

It's been 10 days since the highly anticipated 4th Annual Black Tie and Heels Affair. With the theme as Coming to America, attendees pulled out all the stops with the traditional and modern African print inspired outfits. The ladies and gentlemen in attendance looked absolutely amazing and it could be said it looked exactly how a traditional African party would look. The true appreciation of African culture was shown not just only with the attired but with the music. The most recent afro beats hits were played and instantly the vibe of the room became electric. The venue for the event was the perfect size and space for a packed but not crowed event. The decor was immaculate and conveyed

My Favorite Afro Beat Summer Album

Since his hit single 'Only Girl' Adekunle Gold has been making waves in the Afro beat charts. With is authentic sound and pure Nigerian Highlife influences i.e. Fela an Yinka Ayefele he has stayed true to a very traditional genre of music synonymous with indigenous people of Nigeria. To me this new project has something for everybody and if I'm being honest his best body of work. This new album stayed true to his sound while also experimenting with various other different musical tonalities as well as featuring many well know Nigerian artists. He touches on many different subjects from love and lust all the way to how he dealt with fame and his relationships with people on his rise to stardo

Does Too Much Cause Depression?

There are so many unpopular opinions that are put into the atmosphere each and every day. People look at things differently and will usually agree to disagree, but some points are worth arguing. I can honestly say at this day and age in my opinion it is a fact that having too much money is unhealthy. Majority of the people in the world that are extremely wealthy are no where near healthy emotionally or mentally. Most celebrities and public figures that are famous and rich suffer through so much depression and embarrassment publicly, due to the fact that they can not control their emotions or anger. Substance abuse is more common in people who have too much money. When you are beyond financia

Is This Nigeria?

In similar fashion to that of Childish Gambino's (aka Donal Glover) "This is America" video, a popular Nigerian Artist and Comedian by the name of Falz the Bad Guy released his own controversial remix and titled it "This is Nigeria." With Afro culture in the fore ground with dances like the gwara gwara and shaku shaku used to mask what was really going on Falz then began displaying and inherently touching on many sensitive issues that the country is facing. Falz opened with the idea of the herdsmen that have been running rampant in the northern region of the county murdering this who refuse islam. The issue of the poor hospital facilities and the illiteracy of the Nigerian police force was a

Are Celebratory Dances Disrespectful In A Professional Setting?

A 5 year student of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio was denied his degree, after walking across the stage. 22 year old Dewayne Kory Davis Jr. stated that attending CSU was the most wonderful and best experience of his young life so far. His experience at the university taught him growth, and challenged him everyday to be the best version of hisself. To Dewayne Central State felt like his second home. Everyone treated each other as if they were family, from students to staff. That is why it was kind of shocking to him that he would be fined for only doing a dance move once his name was called to walk across the stage and receive his hard earned degree. While attending this coll

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