The Sidewalk Matter Initiative For Detroit School Students

It is no secret that Detroit Public schools are struggling to provide a top of the line education for its students. Over the course of the last ten years Detroit Public Schools have lowered the number of schools in the district and there has been a major decline in enrollment. Barely able to provide materials for each student due to the low budget of course the schools physical appearance and cleanliness surrounding the buildings are not top priority. I was overwhelmed with joy to see that there are people in the community who do not have children in school but are contributing to making sure one of the before and after school battles is won. Many students have to walk to school each morning

Detroit Reception Challenge: Let’s Give This Couple the Wedding They Deserve

The internet is known for circulating and sharing photos of people's everyday lives without their consent. Whether it be at the gym, on public transit, or in a store, there is always someone ready with a phone at hand to poke fun at strangers online. Over the weekend, a Detroit couple were celebrating their marriage with an intimate ceremony on the front lawn of a modest Detroit home. Captioned “what in the Detroit hood wedding is this?” Images from a passerby in a vehicle of the couple walking down the front porch, to their friends and family seated in plastic lawn chairs were all over Facebook as the internet did what it does best, judge. But what goes beyond the images is that the couple,

Bet On Yourself Puma X Emory Jones Detroit Launch

Have you ever met someone and felt like you've known them a couple lifetimes? During the launch his campaign "Bet On Yourself" with Puma thats exactly how Mr. Emory Jones made me feel. He has the energy of the classiest of OG's and reminded me a lot of some Detroit players that I know. When I asked him about launching here, he immediately talked about the respect for the hustle. It was refreshing getting genuine gems dropped. Checkout our full interview below. Thanks to Ty Mopkins and Mr. Alan's for the invite.

White Boy Rick The Movie Actors Interview

Yesterday, a few members of the Oh So Media Group team had the opportunity to see a pre-release to "White Boy Rick The Movie'. Rick is a Detroit legend, but probably mostly known for being a snitch. Growing up, I remember hearing about the "white boy" that snitched and worked for the feds but still ended up in jail. In Detroit, we get to hear a lot about old gangsters, drug dealers and pimps. It's rare that we ever get the opportunity to almost "live" the experience via Hollywood. In the past two years, we've been given the opportunity to relive some of Detroit's darkest days, Last year, "Detroit" a film about the riots and what happened behind the scenes, showed us corrupt officers, dru

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