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Jess Hilarious Boyfriend, Chris, and Nunu speak out on Instagram Beef

Comedian Jess Hilarious is no stranger to messy situations. She dives into trending topics in her instagram skits “Jess with the Mess” and get up close and personal with her followers. Recently, she’s been in the blogs about a back and forth between her and a follower who commented on Jess’s video about the condition of her lace front wig.

The situation escalated when the commenter, Nunu, made a video to back up her comment upon finding she was blocked by the comedian. Nunu says the video went viral on Facebook and reached over 1 million views before it was deleted by the site.

For the past week Jess, Nunu, and even Jess’ boyfriend Chris have subliminally and directly thrown shots at each other back and forth. Chris became involved when he was seen on Instagram live with Nunu. He says he didn’t know who she was and simply answered the live request as if it was any other fan.

Jess addressed the situation directly once via a video on Nunu’s page and declines invitation to comment further.

However you can hear the conversation with Nunu and Chris below.

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