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The Black Eyed Peas say that music today doesnt address important issues.

Although we haven’t been graced with an album from the Black Eyed Peas since “The Beginning” it hasn’t stopped them from being vocal about the content of today’s Hip-Hop.

Taboo stated in a recent interview that “It’s sad that, in this day and age of music, we don’t have a huge support for activism as we used to,” he went on to say “In the ’60s, everybody was trying to make a statement with their music. It seems like more athletes are making a statement, standing up for causes, than actually in the music industry.”

In the Black Eyed Peas latest return to the music scene they revert back to their conscious Hip-Hop roots with new single “Street Livin’”.

The trios poised lyrics addresses issues like sexism , social injustice, and change over a savvy beat.

The BEP’s all agree music today needs a message especially with so many major issues being in the forefront.

Click the links below to check out a snippet of the interview and “Street Living” video:

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