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Jay Electronica Detroit

Picture your cool ass big cousin being a rapper. Well, not just a rapper, probably one of the most respected and anticipated rappers ever! Thats the energy and vibe Jay Electronica presented last night at his Detroit concert. It was super 90's vibe but all so familiar.

The audiences energy was so indulged in his the vibe was crazy dope. You know the Detroit market can be slower on entertainment so to catch a show with such a family feel was refreshing.

During the show Jay talked about how his time here in Detroit has helped to shape him as an artist. He paid homage to our OG's Proof and Blade but also shined a light on the underground scene. It seems Jay has spent a lot of time getting to know our city. He brought his homegirl Angela Yee on stage to introduce her to the audience as well as Lola Damone(check out her hit "50 Players Deep" above video)

Celebrities such as Angela Yee, Lola Damone and Roc Nation's Neisha Neshae also performed.

Towards the middle of the show Jay stops rapping and ask the audience "who in here can rap and aint popular"....people IMMEDIATELY starts raising their hand. He picks 2 guys and they let loose! Completely putting on for the city. Moments like that, you never forget.

He said he was done 4-5 times and kept giving us more! At the end of the show, he let the audience on stage too. Everyone got the chance to get their Jay Elect video and picture, feel the vibe and turn up!!

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