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The 9 Year Old Girl Boss

As children we can all remember our parents telling us “you can be ANYTHING that you want to be” ,but were they speaking in terms of us being adults?

Meet MOMager, LaToya Latham and Daughter Christen Devani, the faces behind Polished Puckers by Devani”.

After taking the beginning of the year to plan and announce their new business venture to the world Polished Puckers made its debut onto the market in October of 2016. Latham shares Devani’s story recalling how harsh winters would leave her daughter with severely dry lips. Only after wasting time and money on over the counter products that didn’t seem to help with moisture retention,Latham took matters into her own hands. LaToya began to create a lip balm with natural homemade products to assist Devani with a cure for her chapped lips and in her efforts, a solution is what she found!

Devani is very hands on in assisting with the making of the Polished Puckers lip balm, but that’s not all she does! She has spoke at non-profit organizations with many young girls and teens about entrepreneurship, owning a business, and balancing school with extracurricular activities. The young girl boss has headlined in the Metromode Magazine, has features with BOB’s YouTube Channel , she’s been listed on the Pretty Brown Girls website for GIRLPreneurs and even guest appeared on The Emanuel Show. WHAT A LIFE FOR A 9 year old!

Alongside her mother LaToya Latham, the young Girl Boss Christen Devani continues to grow the all natural brand through networking and donations. Some are household organizations such as Girl Scouts, and other non-profit organizations include The Gabriel Jones Foundation ,Pretty Professionals, and Sophia’s Little Leaders. Devani continues to excite and inspire young girls her age by having her own business.

You can check out some of Devani’s lip balms by visiting the “Polished Puckers” website at , keep your lips popping with flavors like Coolin’ Coconut, Sizzlin’ Strawberry and Vibin’ Vanilla. If you don’t like the fruity flavors there is a Plain flavor specifically for boys and girls. Everyone loves a brand that’s proven effective to sell itself!

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