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Vegetarian EggRolls

The dopest thing about making egg rolls is that you can literally stuff them with almost anything that you want.  

To keep up with this recipe, you’ll need a few items 


1 pack of all natural NaSoya egg roll wraps 

1-12 ounce bottle of peanut oil, unless you have a nut allergy 

2 handfuls of spinach

1 bell pepper chopped up 

4 mushroom slices chopped up

4 tablespoons of cooked rice 

1 cup of shredded cheese 


First things first, the wrap needs to be moistened slightly to keep the egg roll from unwrapping. 

Follow these steps to perfect the roll😜

After wrapping your egg rolls, prep oil. I cook mine on medium high to create more of a crunch on the crust.

After cooking, allow to cool off and drain excess oil

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