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Mixtape Monday Review: DDG "Take Me Serious"

Darryl Granberry, stage name PontiacMadeDDG or DDG for short, is a Michigan native YouTuber turned rapper. DDG blew up rapping a short 5 months ago after his Lil Yatchy diss track “Big Boat” went viral. DDG strategically rode his own wave and dropped his singles “Lettuce” and eventually “Givenchy” in an effort to establish his credibility in the industry. He dropped song after song until he collected enough to be put into a body of work he released March 17th called “Take Me Serious” where he showcases his skills and prompted his fans and haters take his rapping career seriously.

The first track “New Money” is a popular track and one that was not previously heard before the project dropped. DDG is known for his playful flexing, this song is full of accounts of how he’s grown over the years in a lyrically compelling delivery over a smooth trap beat. The 20 year old rapper recently took to twitter announcing that he’ll be filming a video for the song.

“Givenchy” the next song and one of the singles already has visuals and has reached 16 million views on YouTube since being released on World Star Hip Hop in November of 2017. The graphics are at a California mansion and once again features the rapper flexing his Givenchy attire to stand apart from the popular Gucci trend following Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” hit.

The next track, “Donkey Kong” is a playful bop that gives subtle hints of a video game soundtrack in the beat. A lot of the songs on DDG’s project was produced by his friend from CMU, TreOnTheBeat. He may possibly be another figure to watch, because his beats match the sound of todays’ music with a unique twist.

“Bank”, similar to “Donkey Kong” is a nice sing along song that you can definitely expect to be performed at his shows during the recently announced tour that will hit major stops in LA, Miami, and of course Detroit.

“Pontiac” and “On The Low” bring a different vibe. They are slower songs that offer a vibe that listeners can chill or ride along to. The melodic delivery in “On The Low” was unexpected ad not an overall favorite, seeing as most people don’t like when rappers sing on tracks, but received fairly well from most fans.

“Take Me Serious” was the last and longest song on the mixtape. Fans criticized the artist for the shorter songs that averaged about 2:30. It wrapped the project with a promise to keep grinding in this music industry and come back with some more “bangers”.

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