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Artist Approved - Detroit Native Queen Naija

Artist Approved - Queen Naija

Written by Quin Stanley

Queen Naija has already established a powerful presence in today’s digital world as she is known for being one of YouTube’s favorite and most popular media personalities. Add in the superstar quality of a R&B singer and you have a legend in the making. Queen Naija’s hit record Medicine has shot the superstar to the next level in this industry and we are ready for it! We are ready to see how Detroit native Queen Naija takes over the R&B industry.

That’s right! Queen Naija was born and raised in our great city of Detroit, MI. So, in other words, it is no surprise that this music artist grew up in Motown. Aside from being from Motown, you may know Queen Naija from YouTube as her popular vlogs, story time, and overall connection with her fans and subscribers helped to paint an in-depth picture of who the personality is behind the star.

Medicine is Queen Naija’s latest and hottest record today. The record is consistently growing and has surpassed millions of views online. This game-changing R&B artist does an excellent job at telling her story of heartbreak and pain in a beautiful way. Not to mention the fact that she does not shy away from being confident and cocky in her lyricism. Medicine is by far the best R&B record of 2018 so far. The record provides true R&B fans a “flashback” experience to what real R&B used to sound like. At the same time, it is simple to see that Queen Naija definitely has a place in today’s music industry and she may just be the artist that fills the void in R&B today.

We are eagerly awaiting what is next for Queen Naija. In fact, an EP from Queen Naija sounds amazing at this point!

Queen Naija is Artist Approved!

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Take a Look at Queen's Genius Verified Lyric Breakdown of Medicine Below!

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