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Don't sleep on ChloexHalle

Stop sleeping on Chloe and Halle, the 18 and (almost) 20 year old sisters signed to Beyonce and Parkwood. The classically trained duo released their debut album “The Kids Are Alright” on March 22. The project features artists Goldlink, Joey Badass, and Kari Faux. Chloe and Halle's debut album is the result of when you invest into incredible young talent and provide them with resources and opportunities whilst allowing them to develop and evolve organically.

Their classy demeanor and pure intentions translate through their music and in their interview conduct. In an interview with Hot 97, the two share that their first time cursing was during a table read for the show Grownish where they play the characters Jas and Sky. The sisters got their first experience in acting at a young age when Chloe played a younger version of Beyonce in Fighting Temptation. Their relationship has come full circle and Beyonce is now their musical mentor.

Chloe and Halle have a genuinely close relationship with their fans as they’ve grown with them through years of YouTube covers where the duo still upload content that fans to feel close to the musicians and understand the message they are trying to get across. Chloe and Halle music is the kind of music you will not appreciate if you aren't open to music that isn't mainstream.They are slept on because most people don't appreciate music that isn't catchy and generic. Their jazz influence and classical training can be heard in their songs and harmony as Chloe produced the entire album and Halle played guitar. Their song “Warrior” can be heard on the soundtrack of A Wrinkle in Time. But my favorite track on the album would have to be “The Kids Are Alright”.

Listen to the full album below.

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