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Highlights in Music - Websterito

“You can change the world. You can be the difference.”

Today, more than ever, we find music artists that advocate for a special cause and are not afraid to show it. It is especially important today that the music industry focuses on promoting positivity in the world as opposed to drama and unnecessary hate. Hip hop artist Websterito is an awesome example of a musician today that promotes positivity as he shows love and dedication for his people in his latest single Young Black Boy off of his upcoming EP The Prominent Review. The single amplifies the message of “You can change the world. You can be the difference” towards young black men. It is special to see music with similar messages being recognized and played more often today as people are seeming to crave real music much more.

Websterito, whose real name is Andrew Titus, is also a poet, songwriter, and performer from Johannesburg, South Africa. It is important to keep an eye on Websterito as he has already hit the music charts in South Africa with two number one singles! Make sure you all follow Websterito @Websterito on Instagram to keep up with this dope Hip Hop artist. Check out his new single Young Black Boy featuring Verbal Flex.

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