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Menendez Brothers Reunited

29 years after murdering their parents, brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez have been reunited in the same California prison. According to reports the two brothers were separated in 1996 after being convicted of the murder of their parents.

The Menendez brothers were the children of a famous entertainment executive, while their mother was a famous socialite. Lyle and Erik were arrested and convicted for the 1989 murders of both. After one mistrial the brothers tried to stick to the claims that their father had been molesting them since they were younger, but the the mother never believed them and tried to cover it up; so they killed them both. Prosecutors decided that due to the lack of evidence that the intent for murder was their parents $14 million dollar fortune.

In February the two brothers were allowed to be in the same housing unit where they agree to participate in educational and rehab programs.

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