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Everything You Need To Know about Zuckerberg and Facebook

What happened?

  • Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress to address Facebook’s data handling and privacy.

  • He was summoned amid allegations that data collected from Facebook played a major role in Trumps election and the decision by the UK to leave the European Union.

  • Zuckerberg admits Facebook has been disingenuous and apologizes.

Why it’s important?

  • Facebook has grown to this size in under two decades and it holds masses of information on 2 billion people.

  • The company may have been harvesting and selling user information to third party apps since 2014.

What now?

  • We need to have a much better-informed debate about how our data -- the bits and pieces of information that make up virtually every detail of our daily lives, and our personalities -- is being bought, packaged, and sold.

[via CNN]

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