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Artist Approved - Nicki Minaj Makes an Epic Return to Hip Hop!

Nicki Minaj Makes an Epic Return to Hip Hop!

Written By Quin Stanley

Nicki Minaj premieres two new singles on Beats 1 Radio with Zane Lowe Thursday after taking a hiatus from the music industry.

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj premiered Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li on Beats 1 radio and Nicki’s new music is phenomenal! One of the most notable absences from music today has been rap icon Nicki Minaj. Even Minaj’s silence on social media has gained the attention of many, but this past Tuesday was the day Minaj decided to really break her silence. We have seen Minaj in the public only a couple times over the last year, including her stunning Mercedes Benz commercial, but no major moves were made as far as releasing music.

During her interview with Zane Lowe, Nicki shed light on the hate she has received over the past year that has painted her as the “bad guy.” Minaj even went as far as addressing the major rumour behind her video for Motorsport. Hearing that Minaj did not want to shoot a music video with Cardi B may be believable until you listen to Nicki’s original verse on Motorsport that was leaked yesterday afternoon. Her lyrics are slightly different including the notable line, “If Cardi the QB, I’m Nick Lombardi.” Nicki goes on to inform us that the reason they did not shoot together was due to scheduling conflicts with their hair stylist, as Nicki and Cardi have the same hair stylist now. Minaj also admits that when the rumour began to blow up, she reached out to fellow rapper Quavo, whose group Migos is also apart of Motorsport, for support on ending the rumour and received none. This is just an example of the drama surrounding Minaj’s name this past year.

This past year has been quite the stretch for fans of Minaj as no new music dropped and many people in and out of the industry have consistently spoken ill of Minaj. Even going as far as attempting to discredit her work in this industry. Although Minaj never completely leaves the music scene, appearing as a featured artist on 2017 hits such as Plain Jane Remix and Krippy Kush Remix, no full length tracks from the artist have dropped since early 2017. Also, the rise of one female hip hop artist, Cardi B, lead to a ripple effect of people comparing the two rappers and attempting to prove that the newcomer is greater than the rap icon. Let’s not forget to mention Minaj’s epic beef with Love and Hip Hop star Remy Ma. Remy Ma’s diss track, Shether, gained much attention due to the allegations and overhauled rumours that have been floating around since the beginning of Nicki’s career being implemented into Ma’s lyrics. A combination of rap beefs, music comparisons, and ill comments on top of Minaj’s disappearance made this past year a confusing period for fans.

Artists tend to dislike being told that they have “returned to the music scene,” but one of the largest superstars in the world left her fans questioning her hiatus from music. Being the top selling female hip hop artist and one of the largest music artists around the globe, a break from the game for this star was obvious. With Minaj returning to the industry with new music, an album is expected to be the follow up on the singles and an epic summer may be in store. It is clear that Minaj’s music was missed as she broke the internet with the announcement of new music and a radio interview with Zane Lowe. Hopefully, fans will never have to experience hip hop without the rap queen again.

Nicki Minaj is Artist Approved!

Stream Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li Today!

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