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It is no secret that the justice system is not a big fan of rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams. In 2008 at the age of 18 he was caught carrying a gun in a local grocery store. Next in 2012 he was pulled over by the cops and arrested for refusing to let them search his car, which smelled like marijuana. In 2014 he was sentenced to 3-6 months in jail for booking a show outside of Philly without Judge Brinkley’s approval. Later in 2016 he was caught traveling without approval again, and was put on house arrest for 90 days. He was recently sentenced for violating his 10 year old probationary charge again, "MORE THAN ONCE". He got into a fight at the St.Louis airport in March, and was arrested for recklessly driving his motorbike in New York City, in August of 2017. This lead him to a sentence of 2-4 years in prison. This was what is said to be the icing on the cake for his judge. After appearing in court, spending countless amounts of dollars and his lawyers basically pulling everything out of their hats to fight for his freedom after Monday April 16th he still remains locked up. At his hearing on Monday his lawyers pushed the issue that the cop who originally arrested him was a dirty officer. The district attorney back then and now also agreed, and is questioning not only Meek’s case but 82 other people. The judge decided that he deserves a hearing to give a finale decision about his freedom and so does that other 82 people. However the 82 people will be seen this following Friday. They will get to see a higher judge about their potential of being set free. Meek Mill has to return in 60 days and he has to see his same judge. Sounds personal right? His team is doing everything in their power to get this case thrown out and is putting in an emergency motion while working to currently get it taken to a higher power. Their argument is that the original case should be thrown out and he should be granted freedom because the cop who started it all was and still is not in good standing.

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