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Does Beyonce Deserve A Holiday In April?

It is no secret that Beyonce Knowles is who women aspire to be worldwide. From her physical appearance, to her flawless skin, to all of her countless accomplishments she is a true idol. I would not be surprised if aliens in outer space knew who she was. The queen B has not slowed down since she was acquainted with the universe. Beyonce is timeless and we never know her next move. All we know is that she moves the world.

Some of Beyonce's most memorable and greatest accomplishments happened in the month April. April 4, 2008 she married the love of her life. The world was in shock when Jay Z and B announced they were officially bonded for life. April 23rd of 2016 she shook the world up a little more. Her amazing album Lemonade was released. There is a song on this album for everyone. She not only dropped a relatable and unique album but she dropped a visual for each song. She is the first ever artist to release a visual album and audio album all at once in history.

Coachella this year was something that not a soul wanted to miss. April 14th and 21st she made history. Bey was the first female to be a headliner. She brung a flavorful set full of energy and countless moments. With HBCU inspired creative set performance she employed over 100 dancers from all over the United States. So do you believe Beyonce deserves a holiday to celebrate how great she is? If so it should definitely be in the month of April. Her favorite number is 4 anyways. Ironically her husbands birthday is December 4th, her birthday is September 4th, she was married on the 4th day in and April is the 4th month. It all makes perfect sense!

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