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The Talking Drum (African Hour)


The Talking drum will be a space for all the new generation Africans and African Americans who want to feel connected to their roots can come together and enjoy the culture. The show will feature hard hitting questions about African culture and family life that most are trying to get to understand and love. The show will aim to reconnect the African diaspora to their roots.

Music will also be one of the main tools of the show. The show will feature all music from the African Genre, from the old school heroes like Fela Kuti and Yinka Ayefele to the modern-day trail blazers of Davido and Maleek Berry. The Talking Drum will also discuss current events and breaking news going on in the continent of Africa as well as celebrity and entertainment news.

Interview Segments:

This segment will feature interviews with many local artists who have a fan base and following in the local Detroit metro area. Will talk about their lives dreams as well as the journey it took for them to get to where they are in the industry today. Interviews will also feature interviews with chairs of local events happening in the metro Detroit area.

Gbese of the Day:

Gbese (meaning Trouble) of the day will be the breaking news or top story or conflict going on in the African Continent. Stories will range from funny to serious in nature.


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