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Happy Mother’s Day-An Open Letter To My Mom by Randi Rossario

Mother’s Day is usually a good time to reflect and appreciate you mom. The older I get, it’s like the more I understood you on a woman level. As I sit here almost 29 years old, I have never felt like I understood you more than I do right now. From focusing on your peace to building your household. You are the epitome of a woman.  

I remember being younger and going to events or games thinking “man she be wildin sometimes” when in reality you just have a strong passion for your children and family. That’s something I couldn’t get until I was older. Like the time in Target the man tried to get smart with me. You weren’t having it. They thought you were going to tear that store up. I can only imagine how next level I’ll be once I have kids. Sometimes I tell people that you use to be crazy when I was younger (lol) and they can never imagine it. Honestly, I can’t either that’s why I think it was all me now (lol). Hey that’s growth on some levels right? Thank you for being my strength and light in some of my darkest days. Your energy carried me through my toughest battles with depression. I remember after Chris died, I didn’t want to be here anymore but all so could think about was you. I couldn’t leave you in this world.  In retrospect, you’ve always been this and nurturing. You’ve always been the cool mom that all of friends loved. You know how cool it is to have the cool mom? You get forever points for that. I remember one time we had to drive to an away basketball game and someone opted to ride in the trunk of the truck just to be in your car. Then on the ride we sang songs and you let us curse. I never took advantage of that but you always let me express myself how I wanted.....I low key probably did take advantage of that.  Your your support means the world to me. Just when the world feels too heavy, there’s my momma to save the day. We all know how it goes, ask mom to ask dad for whatever you need. You’ve always been that buffer for us, even though we can just ask him ourselves lol. Ever since I was a little girl, you’ve supported any and every idea that I’ve had. From dance to sports. Hell, when I got engaged at 20 you were 2000% for it. If I said that I wanted to go to the moon you’d ask me how much I needed for gas. That’s why you’re so solid ma! It’s like no matter what, you’re in my corner.  Thank you for being more than a mother, thank you for being my best friend. You’ve always been my best friend and I’ve always known it but it’s something about putting things in perspective that grows the appreciation. By the time you were my age, you had 2 kids and a whole husband. A few years later, when my dad got shot up, you held it down. You were less than 35 dealing with real life  traumatizing situations. I couldn’t imagine ma. While, I did lose CB, I couldn’t imagine it being to gun violence. Thank goodness my daddy is a G and you were down for the ride. Thank you for always allowing me to be me...from the way I dressed, talked, music I listened to. You always allowed me to be my own person. That’s why I am where I am today. I remember you told me a story about wearing 2 different shoes to your grandfathers funeral. After that I was convinced that you gave me the childhood you always wanted and I loved you for it. That’s what life is about, advancing for the next generation. You and dad have done that and more. I remember being 5 years old loving the news and you letting me. Remember that time I put a temporary tattoo on my inner thigh? You were like “why’d you put that there? Don’t do that again”. Currently, I’m cracking up because NOW I totally get it. The level of femininity that you present is so enduring. You may not be the heels and make up kind of girl, but there’s nothing more lady like than being married for 36 years, raising two contributing citizens to society, holding down your husband and still holding down your career. To me, that’s “Womanhood” goals.....because of you I know how to stand for what I believe in. Because of you, I know how not to allow this generation of facade relationships to effect mine. Because of you, Oh So Radio exists. That’s deep....because of you anything that I touch exist. Your powerful af ma. I understand why I chose you as my vessel to enter earth. I bet I was up in heaven flipping through mommie magazines (that’s what happens I’m convinced) and your face and profile popped up. It probably gave me the description of “spicy Detroit girl” or “Loving Mom of 1 Looking For Cooler Baby” lol hey Myke. But seriously, my company has touched so many careers Ma. You should feel accomplished knowing that you did that. Like Ma, you didn’t have to have me. I think about that all of the time....what if, what if, what if. If your mind set was where mine is/was, I wouldn’t be here. You would have been off building that career as a celebrity hair stylist. I promise to keep making you proud. I promise to fulfill these dreams and goals. Thank you for the game, the love and most importantly life. I’m going to have some grandkids for you once I knock out 29 and 30 lol....until then, keep being the BEST GRANNY IN THE WORLD to Parker and Caleb......and remember anyone in your life is blessed to be around someone so kind and pure. I love you to life Love, Randi 

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