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The Older The Better?

It’s no secret that woman seem to be attracted to older men and men seem to be attracted to younger women. The streets are talking. Not about this topic in general but about a couple for certain. Lil Wayne’s precious and prized, only baby girl has grew up. Reginae Carter a.k.a NaeNae is currently dating rapper YNF Lucci. She’s dating a rapper. Ofcourse we all seen it coming because women are usually attracted to what their father is. No big deal right?

Media, spectators and fans are having mixed feelings about this situation. Some are all for it and others are all against it. The problem that has so many optioned is the age difference. Mrs.Carter is a 19 year old college student at Clark Atlanta, meanwhile Lucci is a 27 year old street dude who raps about living that life. Would you be okay with your teenage daughter dating a guy over 25, who hangs in the streets forreal? Toya Wright seems to trust her daughter and be just fine with the decisions she have been making.

Toya has been seen in multiple pictures with the couple and supportive of their relationship via social media. She has also been labeled the mom that does not play about her children. Every time a fan comes for Reginae’s neck Toya is right there in the comments to defend her. It has been confirmed that they are forsure dating based on their flirty comments via social media (Instagram and Twitter), and the almost hundreds of pictures floating on the internet of them kissing, hugging and hanging. Lil Wayne is yet to comment but I’m sure he wishes his daughter the best and approves of her new boo!

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