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Pusha T Exposes Drake's Alleged Baby, Baby's Mother, Race Issues, and More!

Pusha T has made it clear that he is here to end Hip-Hop superstar Drake. T’s recent diss track towards Drake, titled The Story of Adidon, goes onto attack Drake in many forms. T targets Drake over the epic instrumental to The Story of O.J. by Jay-Z, which comes as a very interesting move on behalf of Pusha T as The Story of O.J. was not only a controversial record, but it also found Hip-Hop legend Jay-Z targeting Kanye West. Makes you think whether or not Pusha T is attempting to make a connection between his beef with Drake and Jay-Z’s beef with Kanye West? Starting with the cover art alone, showcasing a young Drake in a ridiculous coating of black face, T begins to make allegations that made us all drop our jaw in his new diss record..

In addition to our introduction to black face Drake, T also takes another number of shots towards the Canadian rapper, but none more shocking than the following line: “You are hiding a child, let that boy come home, deadbeat motherf***er.” Yes, Pusha T claims Drake has a child and even drops the child’s alleged real name in the song as well, which is allegedly Adonis. As for the baby’s mother, T did not hold back from letting us know that she is a pornstar.

UPDATE: Sophie B is the alleged baby mother of Drake, which was recently revealed in Pusha T’s diss track, The Story of Adidon. Her real name is Sophie Brussaux and she previously worked as an adult actress under the name Rose Divinee. Brussaux Instagram account, which has not been set to private, can be found @SophieKnowsBetter.

The two have only recently entered into a rap beef where heavy disses have been exchanged. Earlier this week, Drake released his Duppy Freestyle, where he took shots at both Pusha T and Kanye West, and we are currently in the middle of the fire waiting to see the end results of this war. And we’re kind of excited…

Listen below and let us know your thoughts on Pusha T’s recent diss track towards Drake.

Are we with Pusha T or Drake? Will Drake fire back?

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