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Are Celebratory Dances Disrespectful In A Professional Setting?

A 5 year student of Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio was denied his degree, after walking across the stage. 22 year old Dewayne Kory Davis Jr. stated that attending CSU was the most wonderful and best experience of his young life so far. His experience at the university taught him growth, and challenged him everyday to be the best version of hisself. To Dewayne Central State felt like his second home. Everyone treated each other as if they were family, from students to staff. That is why it was kind of shocking to him that he would be fined for only doing a dance move once his name was called to walk across the stage and receive his hard earned degree.

While attending this college he overcame many obstacles, small and large. He expressed that one year he did not have enough money to cover books, while staying on campus. His last semester year at Central State was very challenging. He thought about leaving college and moving back home to help his family on multiple occasions. Once Dewayne found out his father was really sick and could not work he felt it was his responsibility to be there for his household financially and emotionally. "I had to realized it is important to keep faith and put everything in God's hands!" he quoted.

Central State held his degree for dancing across the stage during his graduation ceremony. Dewayne was warned ahead of time that if any student disturbs graduation they will be fined $300. He feels like his little dance did not stop or disrupt graduation in any way. He was offered multiple job opportunities post graduation but could not work or accept them because he did not physically have his degree. He is not upset with the faculty because he knows that they are only doing their job. Him and others agree that the $300 fine is kind of outrageous and uncalled for, Considering the fact HBCU'S (Historical Black Colleges/Universities) are all about culture and celebration students should be able to rejoice and express their happiness about their accomplishments, especially large ones!

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