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Is This Nigeria?

In similar fashion to that of Childish Gambino's (aka Donal Glover) "This is America" video, a popular Nigerian Artist and Comedian by the name of Falz the Bad Guy released his own controversial remix and titled it "This is Nigeria." With Afro culture in the fore ground with dances like the gwara gwara and shaku shaku used to mask what was really going on Falz then began displaying and inherently touching on many sensitive issues that the country is facing.

Falz opened with the idea of the herdsmen that have been running rampant in the northern region of the county murdering this who refuse islam. The issue of the poor hospital facilities and the illiteracy of the Nigerian police force was also brought to the fore front. He then portrayed the idea that the government has done nothing to find the missing girls captured by Boko Haram islamic activists some years back and how the whole thing was essentially covered up and forgotten. The idea of corruption within the police and how no matter what crime you commit in the county if you have the money you can always find your way out of it was also evident in his ideology of this video. Last but certainly not least the video touched on the rising abuse of codeine and tramadol that the country has recently been combating. Bodies of many who have overdosed have been found in their home and on the streets. These are sights that are becoming all to common for the Nigerian Population. This are just a few of many issues talked about in the video.

As sad as this is, this is the reality of the situation of the country. People need to stand up challenge leadership and find a way to hold every one in power accountable. No one should be above to law. Unity needs to prevail so that we in true fashion can have One Nigeria.

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