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Does Too Much Cause Depression?

There are so many unpopular opinions that are put into the atmosphere each and every day. People look at things differently and will usually agree to disagree, but some points are worth arguing. I can honestly say at this day and age in my opinion it is a fact that having too much money is unhealthy. Majority of the people in the world that are extremely wealthy are no where near healthy emotionally or mentally. Most celebrities and public figures that are famous and rich suffer through so much depression and embarrassment publicly, due to the fact that they can not control their emotions or anger.

Substance abuse is more common in people who have too much money. When you are beyond financially stable you have no one close to you that you can trust. Feeling like you can not trust anyone leaves you alone and in the dark. Majority of people who feel alone are sad and make random irrational decisions. People start judging you and treating you differently because you are well off. Wealthy people typically just find unnecessary things to spend their money on. Most of them rely on comfort in drugs because they ease their pain and take up time!

There is a popular saying that states "Money is the root of all evil." Do you agree? I do to a certain extent. I believe money changes people and make them evil, or it causes major issues. People stay in relationships with people who they secretly hate because of financial security. People argue and feel entitled because of money. People also feel like they are above certain things people because they have more money than others. Some of the riches people in the world have committed suicide. 10 billionaire businessmen have committed suicide in history. For example In 2009 Johathan Wraith had 46 million dollars and shot his self. Recently famous and wealthy fashion designer, Kate Spade who had a fashion empire worth 2.4 billion, hung her self and left a suicide note for her daddy telling her that her father was at fault. Both of these people committed suicide because of stress and depression related issues. Now are you convinced too much money causes depression?

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