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Black Tie and Heels 2018

It's been 10 days since the highly anticipated 4th Annual Black Tie and Heels Affair. With the theme as Coming to America, attendees pulled out all the stops with the traditional and modern African print inspired outfits. The ladies and gentlemen in attendance looked absolutely amazing and it could be said it looked exactly how a traditional African party would look. The true appreciation of African culture was shown not just only with the attired but with the music. The most recent afro beats hits were played and instantly the vibe of the room became electric.

The venue for the event was the perfect size and space for a packed but not crowed event. The decor was immaculate and conveyed the idea of royalty and vibes of the motherland. Congratulations to the coordinators for a well put together and organized event. This event was definitely for the culture and worth every penny spent.

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