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An Open Letter To My Father

Recently, I've learned to accept and understand that most of my life was spent inside a bubble. A nice little middle class, Catholic, sheltered, private school...bubble. Even when I exited that bubble, it was another one protecting me thanks to my affiliations in the entertainment world. It wasn't until recently that I realized not all children are raised similar to, dad, brother, dog, working, private school....blessed. Growing up, I knew that I was blessed because I felt it. While, I didn't understand to what I extent, I got it so I thought.

The typical day for me as a child included going to school, playing with my friends and constantly witnessing love between you and mom. I've always known what love was on that level because you guys always showed me. The older I got the more I prayed for a man that would love me like that. We were given Chris, then he was taken on your birthday. That was a tough patch for us. Life was easy as a guys made it so my job was school and thats it. When I worked at Bradford Academy, I got my first experience with children that weren't afforded this opportunity in life. My appreciation for you and my mother sky rocketed.

I've always been the sunshine of your life and everyone knows it. I move to make you proud. Even how I deal with my friends and relationships, it's all off of what I think "the real" Randy would do. I remember being younger riding with you around the city and you'd throw big words at me. It's how I grew such an extensive vocabulary at a young age and it's how I know my way around the city. You taught me how to count, get and keep money. So, whenever a man came around with some, it wasn't a big deal lol.

I know that I was made from love. I know the story about your mother, my grandmother having stage 4 lung cancer and you needing to fill a void before it was empty. Sometimes I think about the fact that I'm 29 years old and when you were my age you didn't have any parents left to guide or help you. I couldn't imagine life without you or without you right now. I feel like these years are most important. To be on your own as the head of your household, I salute you. To recover the way you did after being shot, I salute you. Before 35, life was rough for you...hell after to but this is where I am age wise right now so I'm super empathetic to it.

A lot of the time on days like today people take away from men like you dad. Men that didn't even have an example of a father but has given their all to be damn good ones. The men that may not understand how they're going to do it but they make it happen for their kids. The men that deal with crazy baby mommas (not you) and still puts their kids first. The men that are FATHERS not BABY DADDIES! You guys have this day and you deserve it.

Thank you for instilling hustle, respect, morals and making me your junior. I swear the older I get the more I fall in love with the love you and mom have and respect it. Thank you for raising me and fighting to always keep your family as a unit. 10 toes down, you the realest POPS...Happy Father's Day

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