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Some of my favorite shows growing up were family based. Growing up in a two parent household, in my mind the tv shows were how EVERYBODY was in real life. Happy, in love and growing. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized some peoples experience with a father figure was only found on television. Shout out to all of the dad's thats constantly loving on their children. Check out some of my favorite tv fathers

Carl Winslow

Remember Family Matters? Mr. Winslow was a great father, husband and even when Steve annoyed him, mentor.

Danny Tanner

Full House was a modern day upper middle class family story. They high key had life figured out all living together as a family. Danny played father to not only his 3 daughters but his brother in law as well.

Ray Campbell

Sister-Sister is another 90's hit that had a crazy twist. The sisters found one another one day in a Detroit hospital. They were adopted and separated. Ray's daughter was Tamara(the silly sister) but upon meeting Tia he began to father her as well. Ray was silly yet stern and respected in his household. He always protected and taught his girls life lessons.

George Jetson

A high stressed futuristic dad that still finds time to teach his children lessons.

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