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Joe Jackson of Jackson 5 Dynasty Dies at 89 (Bio)

Joe Jackson got his reputation for being a stern manager and patriarch to the legendary Motown Group "The Jackson Five" as well as the solo career of Pop King Michael Jackson and Rhythm Nation star Janet Jackson, loses his battle to cancer today at the age of 89.

Joseph Walter Jackson was born July 26, 1928 in Fountain Hill, AR.

After a short first marriage, he married current wife Katherine Scruse (at the time) and later moved to Gary, IN.

Between the 50's and late 60's Katherine and Joe Jackson gave birth to 10 children.

While supporting his family with his factory job, Joe began working on his kids musical careers early on in their lives. The first "Jackson" group only consisted of Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, later Marlon and Michael joined the act.

After being signed to Motown in 1968 The Jackson 5 debuted their first single "I Want You Back" under Joes management, by 1969-1970 J5 had 6 No.1 singles. By 1982 Joe launched Janet Jackson's musical career with A&M records, and by the late 80's the Jackson's were at the height of their careers.

With such success happening amongst the family even after the J5 group Michael and Janet's solo careers were flourishing and they decided that they no longer wanted to be under their father's strict management and decided to part ways , Michael in 1983 and Janet three years later in 1986.

Though Joes iron-fisted ways are often associated with his name , one thing is for certain, he's created a legacy that we have all benefited from.

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