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Rocky Badd's New Project is Here!

Less Talk, More Work Showcases Rocky Badd as Top Lyricist in the City!

Written By Quin Stanley

Rocky Badd dropped her latest project, Less Talk, More Work, last Wednesday and our review is in! Including her lead singles Talking Crazy, Plain Jane, and Rag Doll, Rocky builds upon the hit songs with 8 additional tracks and a couple of surprise collaborations.

The project opens with a collaborative effort between Rocky B and FMB DZ. Kicking off the project off on a high note, DZ and Rocky B’s back and forth on the opening track definitely built the anticipation for the rest of the project. Hearing both artists together on a track gives you an instant vibe of what true Detroit Hip-Hop sounds like.

Continuing the hype, raw, and simply fun energy of the project, track 9, Big Rock, is guaranteed to be a classic as Rocky B reminds us of who the real B is. Don’t get it confused: Rocky B is original, creative, and a true artist that has no problem standing for her name and style as Rocky has never had an issue addressing copycats and haters. Big Rock is definitely a track that will make you want to jump on your feet and rap along with the real B.

What attracts many people and musicians to Rocky B is her honesty. There are moments on the project that Rocky’s lyricism ends up being very revealing of her true thoughts, but Rocky’s closing track, Misunderstood, finds the musician opening up about being misunderstood when it comes to the world, the music industry, and even the people around her. This final track brings together the project’s message of Less Talk, More Work. Rocky B makes it clear that regardless of how misunderstood she may be by others, she understands her value and worth and no one can stop her from becoming one of the most successful artists to ever come out of Detroit.

Rocky Badd is Artist Approved!

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