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White Boy Rick The Movie Actors Interview

Yesterday, a few members of the Oh So Media Group team had the opportunity to see a pre-release to "White Boy Rick The Movie'. Rick is a Detroit legend, but probably mostly known for being a snitch. Growing up, I remember hearing about the "white boy" that snitched and worked for the feds but still ended up in jail. In Detroit, we get to hear a lot about old gangsters, drug dealers and pimps. It's rare that we ever get the opportunity to almost "live" the experience via Hollywood. In the past two years, we've been given the opportunity to relive some of Detroit's darkest days, Last year, "Detroit" a film about the riots and what happened behind the scenes, showed us corrupt officers, drugs and a lot more.

While, I wasn't super excited for this travel in time, I was excited for the energy and attention that was being sent to Detroit. So often, we are portrayed in such a negative light, sometimes it's good to get Hollywood's attention from a different point of view. I still couldn't help but to feel slighted by a negative story being the highlight.

The film was solid from start to finish. From what I understand, it stayed pretty true to the real story and presented a lot of opportunity to new actors. Today, we interviewed the Darr brothers 2 stars in the film. IshDARR has been cast as "Freaky Steve" Roussell, who was allegedly Wershe Jr.'s right-hand man. Roussell was shot and killed by a rival in 1987. BoodahDARR plays Demetrius Johnson.

The film is out now! Make sure you check it out and our interviews with the brothers

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