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Detroit Reception Challenge: Let’s Give This Couple the Wedding They Deserve

The internet is known for circulating and sharing photos of people's everyday lives without their consent. Whether it be at the gym, on public transit, or in a store, there is always someone ready with a phone at hand to poke fun at strangers online.

Over the weekend, a Detroit couple were celebrating their marriage with an intimate ceremony on the front lawn of a modest Detroit home. Captioned “what in the Detroit hood wedding is this?” Images from a passerby in a vehicle of the couple walking down the front porch, to their friends and family seated in plastic lawn chairs were all over Facebook as the internet did what it does best, judge. But what goes beyond the images is that the couple, Janae Sumler and LaQuint Rhodes who have a luxurious love for one another. Following their wedding, their daughter/flower girl was hospitalized due to a swimming accident.

We at Oh So Radio were moved by their story and had the chance to speak with the new bride, who immediately ran to their daughter’s(groom biological) bedside after receiving the call about her accident. We have put together a go fund me and a Detroit Community Challenge to give this couple the wedding reception they deserve. Their love is strong and we wanted to show that the community love is strong as well, so we are partnering with Detroit businesses and celebrities to raise funds and provide services for the ceremony of a lifetime! We have created posts on Social media where our radio listeners can tag celebrities, businesses, and spread the campaign to make this the best it can be. We’ve set our goal at $10,000 and hope the internet comes through to make a negative situation into a positive one.


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