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The Sidewalk Matter Initiative For Detroit School Students

It is no secret that Detroit Public schools are struggling to provide a top of the line education for its students. Over the course of the last ten years Detroit Public Schools have lowered the number of schools in the district and there has been a major decline in enrollment. Barely able to provide materials for each student due to the low budget of course the schools physical appearance and cleanliness surrounding the buildings are not top priority. I was overwhelmed with joy to see that there are people in the community who do not have children in school but are contributing to making sure one of the before and after school battles is won. Many students have to walk to school each morning, due to parents having to work, no transportation, no school bus system, or the fact that they live only feet away. Most of the streets in Detroit are nowhere near clean. That is why Ron Cannon and his Cardinal Foundation came up with the "Sidewalk Matters Initiative".

The Cardinal Foundation's goal for this upcoming project is simply beautiful and progressive. Ron plans to clean the sidewalks of many schools around the city. Most side walks are not walkable. Many are covered with overgrown branches, grass, trash, and clutter. This will assure that kids will no longer have to walk in the street, feel scared or face many other dangers while walking home and to school. Lives were already changed on September 22, 2018. The Cardinal Foundation launched it's first clean up at Sampson Webber School on Detroit's westside. Many politicians, city officials, representatives, lawn services and volunteers contributed and came out to make sure the sidewalks on Firwood between Larchmount and Vancouver were cleaned and worth walking on for the students in the neighborhood to have a safe and easy breezy walk to school. The Cardinal Foundation is nowhere near done! Many more Detroit Public Schools will have clean sidewalks soon.

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